NaviFilter | Advanced packet filter 2019


Navifilter version Features:

[Free Version]
* Game (Servername, ShardID ,Fake Player, Max Player, Remove Captcha, Remove GM Auto invisible)
* Delays (Exchange, Stall, Logout, Restart, Reverse, Global, Zerk)
* Limits (guild membmer limit, union limit, plus limit, reverse minlvl, res minlvl, global minlvl, stall minlvl, exc minlvl, zerk minlvl, ba minlvl, ctf minlvl, pvp minlvl)
* Billing server instead of iis
* Advanced Limits (ACC IP Limit)
* JOB -> (Disable Reverse, Disable Res, Disable Exc, Disable Zerk)
* FTW -> (Disable Exchange, Disable Trace)
* AFK -> (Disconnect afk char in game)
* GM Console Controller
* Added Silk Per hour system
* Disable bad words function
* Enabled/Disabled Academy Creation
* Enabled/Disabled Academy invitation
* Enable/Disable ban exploiter ip
* Enable/Disable gm logins only
* Log Packets
* Fixed Invisible/Invincible exploit
* Fixed MagicOpt Exploit
* Fixed Charname injectior
* Fixed Disconnect player exploit
* Fixed Guild msg sqlinjection
* Fixed IWA
* Supporting PROXY
* DB (Users LOG,Chars LOG)
* Protection (Exploit Protection, Flood Protection, Max Connection IP 50)
* all reported issues has been fixed

* Protection (High Exploit Protection Level , High Flood Protection Level)
* Advanced Limits (ACC PC Limit, CTF PC Limit, FTW PC Limit, FGW PC Limit, BA PC Limit, JOB PC Limit, PVP PC Limit)
* BOTS (Bot Detection, Disable bot register on arena,Disable bot register on ctf,Disable bot alchemy)
* JOB (Anti Cheat, Disable Trace,Disable Skills)
* FTW (Disable Res Scroll, Disable Trace,Disable Skills)
* AFK (Disconnect AFK in BA, Disconnect AFK in CTF)
* Silk per hour (min level)
* Log Char Chats
* Supporting 1X++ AGENT

navifilter ver1.5
* Enhanced Protection[Premium Version]
* Improved performance[Premium Version]
* improved job pc limit [Premium Version]
* improved pvp pc limit [Premium Version]
* Disable skill feature during job mode [Premium Version]
* Disable skill feature on fortress war [Premium Version]
* Disable res scroll feature on fortress war [Premium Version]
* Disable zerk mode feature on fortress war [Premium Version]
* AFK Handler -> Now you can disconnect the afk players on BA [Premium Version]
* AFK Handler -> Now you can disconnect the afk players on CTF [Premium Version]
* BOTS -> BOT Detection [Premium Version]
* IWA Fixed for free versions[Free Version]
* Exchange disable feature on fortress war [Free Version]
* Trace disable feature on fortress war [Free Version]
* AFK Handler -> Now you can disconnect the afk players on the game [Free Version]
* SQL -> Created _Navifilter_CharsLog {Charname,IP,HWID,isJOB,isBOT,cur_status}
* CPU -> now navifilter can run on any cpu

navifilter ver1.6
* recreated sql async class in order to improve performance and sql cpu usage
* increased protection of PC Limit and added anti vmware system
* increased Anti Cheat level for job mode system
* Fixed MBOT
* Fixed FGW D.C for free version
* improved performance
* Price :

Lifetime version cost 120 usd
Monthly version cost 25 usd
Source Code cost 350 usd

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