[Program] Magic Param Generator

Hey there, today I will be releasing this quick/easy tool 
which generates the magic param value just 
by pickin' the magic opt name, level and value.

Download: Here

VirusTotal Scan: Here

-How Does The Calculation Go:
  • I got a param number value with "858993459290".
  • I will convert this number to hexadecimal, then my value now is "C80000005A".
  • If you have eyes, C8 = 200, 5A = 90 in decimal.
  • 200 is the value of the magic option.
  • 90 is the magic option ID in _RefMagicOpt table in your shard database.
  • 90 = MATTR_DUR,11. So, the magic option is 200 of Durability DG/LV 11.
  • If you didn't get it, you better use this "brain.exe".

Note: Its recommended not to click "Generate" button too much without filling the whole boxes. Just to dodge insults.

                  Property The Program by HB

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