[Program] Mastry Dealer

  • Connection Panel
  • setup section
  • Adding new table and its values
  • adding the scrolls code names
  • adding them to the npc
  • you can set the payment device into the npc section
  • you can set the tab name into npc section
  • automatic empty slot detecting in tabs
  • generate their lines (itemdata & npc)
  • Support Character Name for informing the players that they have got their new masteries via messages
  • you can set your own value for the mastery limit (10,20,.......,130)
  • it wont give the player more than 3 masteries !
  • once the player buy the item it will be activated
  • if the player have 3 masteries already the item will be automatically moved to the player storage
  • automatic free slot into storage detection 

Download from Here

  • Property Program
  • by ahmed4ever2u


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