[Programs] Silkroad Stats Checker

v1.1c released.

-Added D12 cap to calculate stats
-Added Advance Filter to look faster your desired item (Specially for Armor since most of people can't really understand armor prefixes, kinda buggy but works for what it was designed to)
-Added Stats for D13+ sox items (until D20, both vSro and iSRO-R)
-Improved a bit the query to search Armor (I'm trying to keep the tool as clean as possible, like not adding both genders or "basic/honor/roc/whatever" items since they have the same stats.)
-Applied few design changes
-Removed A LOT of useless data from SRODB.db and SRORDB.db
-Fixed Armor/Shield values not showing decimals
-Fixed few other issues

I've figured out that fellow equip is basically calculated by the game server, since I don't know the formula yet, it won't be enabled yet.
Roc D10 sun set is not being displayed because it has the same stats of d10 sun set. The differences are purely cosmetics and higher level requirement that have nothing to do with this tool anyway.
v1.1d released.

-Fixed few crash issues with new advance filter
-Fixed cSRO-R Database not having the data for certain items.

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Virustotal Scan

Property Program
by JustNrik

Team TopS4a


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