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Some time ago I've created a small AutoIt script to edit the "gmwpfort.dat" file inside settings folder, which is used for the /wp XYZ command.
You can use it to display two "gmwpfort.dat" files, delete single entries, sort by name/region/world, merge files(s) and add warps by /warp or X/Y (experimental).
Both files can be saved and used inside any client.

This file can be used, if you want to distribute some warp locations to your team, without overwriting their personal warp locations.

The tool might react a little bit slow, because it is not fully optimized.
If you want to run the script file (au3) please download AutoIt. You have to add the "GUIListViewEx.au3" to your include folder.
You only need a standard text editor to view and change the code.
Some AV tools are detecting any AutoIt based .exe files, depending how you compile the script (86x, 64x...).

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